Product Description

Super Ion Air Knife
Static build-up can take place in virtually every plastic manufacturing process. The Ion Air Knife solves this problem with an air curtain. A long range static eliminator that stops clinging, jams, dirt attraction and even hazardous sparks by generating a uniform sheet of static neutralizing ionized air. Ion Air Knives can be mounted so that this sheet discharges onto conveyorized, extruded, or web/sheet fed material. Blows away static and dirt from a distance of 20 feet.

Sizes range from 3" up to 108". Knives 60" or longer are made in a one piece construction. 

What is "Static"?

Material such as plastic, paper and textiles normally contain an equal number of positive and negative charges— that is, they are electrically balanced. Friction can disturb this balance, causing the material to become electrically charged.

The electrical charge (static) will exert a force on nearby charged objects or a grounded conductor. Among the problems caused by this force are:

  • Dust clinging to product
  • Product clinging to itself, rolls, machine beds or frames
  • Materials tearing, jamming or curling
  • Sheet feeding problems
  • Hazardous sparks or shocks

Super Ion Air Knife Only - FOB OH

Specifications and additional product information
Consists of the Super Air Knife and Ionizing Bar Assembly
Materials of Construction:
Air Knife: Aluminum
Ionizing Bar Channel: Aluminum
Plastic Parts: UL rated 94 V-0
Emitters: Stainless Steel
Electrical: Use with 5 kVrms, 5 milliamperes maximum power supply, Model 7960 or 7907.
Certifications: Ionizing Bars are UL component recognized, DSA Certified.
Electrical Hazard: Shockless (less than 40 microamperes short circuited).
Do not use near flammable materials or gases.

Download the PDF brochure for more info23 page Static Products brochure
Download the PDF brochure for more info7 page Super Ion Air Knife