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Plastic Manufacturing Equipment

Hand Sealers(12)   |   Vacuum Sealers(5)   |   Impulse Sealers(20)   |   Foot Sealers(10)   |  
Hand Held Impulse Sealers
for versatile and economical packaging using plastic 
Affordable Impulse & Vacuum Sealers
Vacuum & Seal (requires air) •  Vacuum Gauge •  Backlit LCD Digital Panel •  Smart Controls  •  Compressed Air & Gas Push-in Fittings for Fast, Easy Setup 
Tube Sealer
The Model STS-7 Single Tube Sealer is ideal for laboratories, research facilities, R&D and quality control groups. The unit is economical, safe and very easy to use. Other applications include sealing of 
Our Price: $3,300.00
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Hot Stapler Plastic Repairs Kit
Plastic repair has just taken a major step forward. The DF-800BR Hot Stapler Equipment helps save parts that would be difficult otherwise to save. This tool creates a strong, 
Our Price: $2,990.00
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Safe & Efficient Acrylic Flame Polishing without gas cylinder 
Adjustable Bending Fixture
With this easy to adjust fixture the bent items can be cooled down at any set angle.  Our professional fixtures are provided with 2 adjustable parallel stops to hold the products into the right angle. 
Complete Heating System
Acrylics, ABS, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC, Polycarbonate... and many more. This Heating System prepares all types of thermoplastic materials for forming all-angle bends and reduces fabrication time both 
Free Standing Heating Trays 120V
Ideal for making single bends or making your own system. Free-Standing Heating Trays. Bend Plastics to 
Manifolds(10)   |   Flowmeters(7)   |  
Aluminum Manifold 2in (1/2in Ports)
Our Price: $102.00-$595.00
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Smartflow® aluminum manifolds are constructed from extruded material, machined, then anodized for corrosion protection. Many manifold sizes are stocked, however custom manifolds can be made to 
Tracer Flowmeter
Our Price: $432.00-$832.00
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With the new Tracer electronic flowmeter, it is easier than ever to know exactly how much water is flowing through your water lines. In addition to flow rate, the Tracer provides a precise temperature reading 
Manifold Inlet 1in & 1/4in Ports=4,Return With Ball Valve
Our Price: $132.00
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