Plastic Welding: Plastic Welders and Hot Air Tools

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Ultrasonic Hand-held Plastic Welders
Welds, Spot Welds, Stakes, and 
Our Price: $3,245.00
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The TTHG2 ultrasonic handgun is ideal for spot welding plastic sheet and attaching non-woven materials using a variety of standard and application specific horns. This unit can be set to weld continuously or by 
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Multi heat multipurpose hand held ultrasonic heat sealer. Ideal for sealing thin clam shells or for tacking. No waiting time. To spot seal OPS, PSP, PVC, and EPS food. Specifications: Max.  
GRAND-SE (Electronic) Hot Air Tool
This hot air blower can be hand held or built into a machine for continuous operation. For use wherever hot air is needed for warming,heating, forming, shrinking or activation. Air flow rate of 450 
Type 3000 and Type 5000 Hot Air Tools
Uncomplicated robust hot air tools for a wide range of applications... Used in conveying systems for shrinking, drying and performing other heating needs Require external air supply with blower or 
Type 3000E Hot Air Tool
Modern hot air tools for numerous applications... Electronically control infinite heat settings in 120V, 230V or 380V, single phase Heating Capacity 3000W for a maximum temperature of 700°C  
Injectiweld Tips
T20007 Blank Tips 5¼' length, semi-finish tips used to design your own welding tip. T20008 Prototyping Tip 2' long. Used for prototyping and repairs where small welds are required. T20010 Repair 
Threaded tips for SE model Hand Welders
For use on welder models SE1002, SE1005, SE1167 and SE2001FCP. Tips 1019, 1021, 1025 and 1028 operate with one hand for high speed 
Air Pressure Regulators
Model 9008, 9033, and 9009 Pressure Regulators permit easy selection of the operating pressure. A pressure gauge is included. Model 9008  Model 9033 Model