Plastic Cutting Tools: Plastic Cutters

Model 51330 Air Powered Router
Our Price: $460.00
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20,0000 RPM. Ideal for chamfers and roundover cuts on hardwoods, softwoods, solid surfaces or plastics. Great for laminate trimming, surface planning, beveling and cornering. Front exhaust directs chips 
One pass deburring and safety edging of plastics or sheet metal. • Easily brought to the work site • For use as both a hand or as a bench-mounted tool • Breaks sharp edges on parts at mill, saw 
Laminate Edge Trimmer
Packs heavyweight performance on detail routing work into its lightweight size. Compact design makes Laminate Edge Trimming Air Router ideal for chamfers and round over cuts on hardwood, softwood or 
Hand Held Air Nippers
Tools & Blades for Virtually Every Plastic Cutting Application. 8 models available. Features safety locking lever operation, Ergonomic design, Lightweight, right- or left-hand operation, End cap 
Square Type Air Nippers
The square body of these nippers simplifies mounting and 
Horizontal Stationary and Sliding Nipper Blades
Enabling effective use of space • Convenient for mounting to chuck plate • Small and lightweight • Slide stroke can be adjusted (0-3mm) • Slide part has no looseness and has good 
Ceramic Double-Burr DB5000
Simultaneously removes burrs from both sides of workpiece. Ergonomically designed handle with guard to protect you while you work. Includes: V-shaped blade mounted in a DB handle (blades can be 
Cenon - Pkg/5
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Disposable safety knife to cut shrink-wrapped packages and plastic straps. The metal pin is used for tearing packing adhesives. with fiber glass, very rigid. 
The BurrShaver
The best way yet to quickly remove edge burrs from plastic parts, stock and sheets. Allows for fast burr removal from edges of plastic parts, sheets, etc. • Safe, non-exposed cutting edge. Cuts 
Solid Carbide Router Bits for Plastic. High Helix Foam Bits - Series 4100.
For additional types and sizes of our carbide router bits click here . These 
Plexi-Point Drills - Straight Shank
1/16' to 1' Industrial Quality High Speed Drills Specially manufactured to produce smooth holes in 
Plexi-Point Drills - Numbered Sizes
1/16' to 1' Industrial Quality High Speed Drills. Specially manufactured to produce smooth holes in acrylic. The special Tip Angle allows for gradual penetration of material thus eliminating damage to back side 
ZETZ-24 Thermocutter
(ZETZ-24 Control Unit with Addition of Robotic Handle) These hot knife Thermocutters feature an 
AZTC20 Compact Thermocutter
Weighs only 11½ oz. • Features an electrically heated blade • For cutting thin plastics, foams and synthetic fabrics easily and 
ZETZ-25 Thermocutter with Robotic Hand
(Zetz-24 Control Unit with Addition of Robotic Handle) These hot knife Thermocutters feature an